Highly Effective Natural Purifying Skin Spray that  hydrate, cleanse and calms your skin.


By avoiding chemical based product and instead using naturally sourced ingredients to help support your skin from top-to-toe.

Caring for and enhancing the skin you love has never felt so easy


Cruelty free, made in the UK and crafted with our guiding philosophy in mind;

Keep it Simple, Kind and Natural.


British Manufactured skin purifying spray that effortlessly fits into your regular skincare routine.


Science -Technology -Ingredients 


Hypo21 Spray is the perfect cosmetic solution to soothe and support your skin. Based on the science of Pure Hypochlorous Technology (HOCl), this all-natural, highly-effective, electrically-charged signaling solution mimics the essence of your body's natural defense system. As a versatile addition to your daily skin care regimen, our customers report great cosmetic results with skin imperfections, and support of fine line and scar reduction, and as a refreshing, hydrating mist.


Hypo21 HOCl is a natural part of our internal defense system, produced by white blood cells. When produced outside the body, HOCl is an electrolysed, antimicrobial, biocide solution that inactivates pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, spores, and fungi.​Works to fight infection, control responses to injury, and enhance healing. HOCI is a part of the healthy response to injury and recovery. HOCI has a soothing and steady control over the healing process.


Hypo21 formulations contain no active components other than pure HOCl (unlike other HOCl products). Our formulations are HOCl in its purest form. Hypo21 is manufactured under strict quality-control procedures completed at the precise pH to ensure purity and no hypochlorite (bleach) contamination, we use water (H2O) and salt (NaCl) to create a specific solution, and then pass the solution through a proprietary, electrolytic chamber that's unlike any chamber invented.