• How do I use HYPO21 Skin Spray in my skin care routine?

As a perfect cosmetic solution to soothe and support your skin, HYPO21 Skin Spray is the perfect addition to your skincare routine. For best results, we recommend applying it as a first-step application to freshly cleansed skin ⁠— a few sprays in the morning (after a shower when your pores are open) and another spritz at night. After letting the solution sit for 20 seconds, or letting it dry down, apply moisturizer and continue with your normal skin care routine. 

  • What is HYPO21 Skin Spray used for?

Skin Rehydration: HYPO21 HOCl Skin Spray is a two-for-one ingredient: it soothes the skin and purifies it by fighting bacteria and also repairs and regenerates damaged skin. It also works as a great preventative measure that can clean post-makeup or post-workout skin by unclogging pores and ridding your face of harmful toxins.

Wound Recovery and Healing Process: Chronic wounds are especially susceptible to biofilms. These organic barriers are actually composed of millions of microscopic organisms, which form over the surface of most wound types. 
With these biofilms in place, most wounds cannot heal properly, and it’s often these simple obstructions that result in any number of accompanying side effects, including infection and increased blood toxicity. HYPO21 Skin Spray is a Natural Pure Hypochlorous Technology and it's currently being highly recommended by many facial aesthetic doctors as this compound can effectively dissolve the majority of these biofilms. Several studies online have pinpointed just how effective Pure HOCl Technology can be when dealing with chronic, unhealed wounds.
Study from National Library of Medicine

Skin Infection Control and suitable for Acne and other skin conditions: HOCl exhibits broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity that is directly toxic to many bacteria and fungi and might also impart antiviral properties. Hypochlorous Technology exhibits anti-inflammatory and noninflammatory properties based on multiple laboratory analyses. These properties appear to correlate with the potential therapeutic benefits of topically applied HOCl for a variety of skin disorders. Topical formulations of stabilised, pH-neutral HOCl have been evaluated in several studies demonstrating both antimicrobial effects and therapeutic benefit in many cutaneous disorders, including seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis-associated pruritus, acne vulgaris, diabetic foot ulcers, and hypertrophic scars/keloids. Topical HOCl appears to be well tolerated and safe, without any major adverse events reported.


The star ingredient in our HYPO21 Skin Spray is PURE HOCl.  HOCL naturally occurs in your white blood cells which helps to defend your body from harmful bacteria and inflammation. Applying HOCL to the skin activates an immune boost that helps the skin take itself back to its natural and beautiful state

  • How does HYPO21 Antiseptic Skin Spray work on wounds and infections?

Hypo21 Skin Antiseptic Spray is made of Pure HOCl Technology. Pure HOCl hypes up immune responses, targets bacteria, causes blood to clot faster, and stimulates the migration of keratinocytes (cells of the outer layer of skin) to move in and close wounds and promotes new skin cell growth over wounds.

  • How does HYPO21 Skin Spray work on acne?

HYPO21 targets and eliminates the root cause bacteria, stimulates immunity to germs, and promotes new skin cell growth over wounds.

  • How does HYPO 21 Skin Spray work on scarring / anti-aging?

Hypo21 Skin Spray reorganizes scar fiber and activates tissue collagen enzymes which are responsible for affecting the behavior of the fibroblast cells that lay down scar tissue.

  • How does HOCl work on irritations / rashes / pre & post-procedures / piercings?

HOCl is widely known for its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, and anti-bacterial agent

  • Can I use HYPO21 Skin Spray around my eyelids / lips?

Yes you can. As HYPO21 Skin Spray is completely pure, gentle, and all natural formula, our products are safe for all skin and mucosal contact.

  • Can I use Topical Skin Spray on sensitive skin?

HYPO21 Skin Spray is pH balanced for skin contact and is generally compatible for all skin types. While we have had several customers with sensitive skin experience great results, it is always advisable to test a small area first.

  • Can I use Topical Skin Spray on my pet’s skin?

Just like humans, all mammals produce HOCl internally as a part of their immune response system, which means your pet should experience many of the same great benefits that we see with human use. We've had customers report success with pet applications ranging from skin irritations, to ear/eye irritations, post-procedure sensitivities, and even halitosis!

  • IS HYPO? Skin Spray Vegan?

Yes it is. All HYPO21 Sprays are Vegan.


Minimalist Packaging: We avoid excess packaging for all products. We also work with a carbon neutral packaging printer. Also, all our current packaging is widely recyclable. 

Planet Friendly: At HYPO21 we love the Natural World. When you choose us, you will help us making the world a better place. For every 10 bottles sold, a tree is planted via National Trust UK. for more information please visit By planting more trees and reducing carbon emissions, we can safeguard precious species and ensure the survival of our planet.