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Our Brand Advocates


Andrew Hansford

Founder & CEO @ ACHaesthetics

Andrew Hansford:  is a powerhouse in aesthetics education, having founded ACHaesthetics he now has a dedicated training academy at Tower Bridge. 

He has been teaching aesthetics-based courses for over 25 years throughout the UK, Europe and Asia. 

His passion for aesthetics education shows through his unique approach to teaching, drawing upon experience from the industry while uniting theory and practice. 

With many success stories of participants under his wings, Andrew Hansford stands as a leader and mentor in the aesthetics industry. 

Andrew is passionate about helping beauty professionals develop their skills so they can provide amazing services to their clients. 

His academy offers a range of workshops, seminars, and mentoring programs that enable practitioners to develop their knowledge and hone their technique. 

With Andrew’s commitment to excellence in aesthetics education, this academy has become the go-to destination for aspiring aesthetic professionals who want to reach their fullest potential.

07814 741055


Founder & CEO @ Mediject Academy

Dr. Sheila is a cosmetic dentist who specialises in facial rejuvenation and has won numerous awards for her work. Dr. Sheila divides her time between seeing patients, teaching other medical professionals (such as dentists and doctors) as well as being a mother to her two daughters. She received an Aesthetic Medicine Master’s degree from Queen Mary University, where she graduated with honours. She is an expert in full-face rejuvenation and making sure her patients age gracefully, and she cares deeply about providing them with the best possible treatment.

As a full member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr.Sheila also sits on the board as Communications Director, actively promoting excellence, ethical practice and education in cosmetic dentistry. 

07840 812737


Mrs Frances Turner Traill

Founder & CEO @ FTT Skin Clinics

As a leading figure within the Medical Aesthetics space, Frances Turner Traill RGN, RMN, MA Hons, NIP, BSc, PG Cert is one of Scotland’s top Skin and Medical Aesthetics Experts. Founder of FTT Skin Clinics with locations just outside Glasgow in Hamilton as well as Inverness. Frances has now over 30 years of experience.
Having founded the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses in Scotland, as well as representing Aesthetic Nurses at the Scottish Government Level, Frances's expertise and succession is a leading voice within the space. In addition, Frances continuously sustains advanced Aesthetics training from leading international experts who are at the forefront of modern medical aesthetics.

01698 458954

Dr. Melanie Castelhano

Founder & CEO @ Dr MCas Clinic

Dr. Melanie Castelhano, a.k.a. Dr MCas, has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry techniques and facial aesthetic procedures. This has led her to incorporate a holistic view when working with her vast array of international patients from London to Porto.

As Diamond Provider Dentist, she is one of the top performing Invisalign dentists in the UK.  Based in Notting Hill (W11), she practices Aesthetic Medicine alongside her Cosmetic Dentistry and is an advanced trainer for Derma Medical

Aesthetic Doctor, Offical Trainer @ derma_medical 

Offiial Ambassador @ fillmeduk

0751 3821 738

DSC00287 MEL.jpg

Dr Rikin Parekh

Founder & CEO @ Avanti Aesthetics

Best Medical Aesthetics Training Provider - UK & Ireland

The Avanti Aesthetics Academy has risen to the forefront of medical aesthetics training. We are a teaching organisation that stands apart with its comprehensive training and support on a wide range of aesthetic procedures.

From our experience traditional one or two day courses leave delegates with very little confidence in carrying out procedures.

The Avanti Aesthetics Academy was established after our Medical Director, Dr. Rikin Parekh B.D.S, noticed the real need for more comprehensive hands-on training and ongoing post-training support.

020 7096 1088

Dr. Helen & Rachel

The Aesthetic Treatment Rooms

The Aesthetic Treatment Rooms, where beauty meets expertise. Allow us, Dr. Helen and Rachel, to introduce ourselves as the driving forces behind our award winning clinic. With a combined experience of over 30 years in dentistry and a special focus on Facial Aesthetics, we are your trusted professionals in the field.

Our journey began with a passion for the aesthetic aspect of dentistry, witnessing first-hand the immediate transformation it brings to patients. Fuelling our enthusiasm, we sought advanced training and delved deeper into various procedures and courses. This dedication led us to the creation of our own clinic, even during the challenging times of the COVID-19 lockdown. The pandemic reaffirmed the importance of uplifting people's spirits daily, and our mission became clear: to provide a personalized and authentic experience that helps individuals feel good inside and out.

Our pursuit of knowledge has been relentless, resulting in qualifications spanning Dermal Fillers, Wrinkle Relaxing Injections, Deso® Fat Dissolving Injections, Fibroblasting, Dermaplaning, Microneedling, Mesotherapy, WoW! Fusion®, Prescription Only Eyelash Serum, Chemical Peels, and Medical Grade Skincare. These extensive qualifications empower us to help everyone discover their confidence through top-quality aesthetic treatments, delivered by highly qualified and skilled clinicians.

At The Aesthetic Treatment Rooms, we aim to redefine the perception of aesthetics. Our goal is to enhance your unique and stunning features with natural-looking results, never compromising your individuality. Say goodbye to the stigma surrounding aesthetic treatments and say hello to a version of yourself that exudes beauty and grace.

Why do we love HYPO21? The answer lies in its unique ability to prepare the skin for aesthetic procedures with unmatched precision and care. Hypochlorous acid, a naturally occurring substance found in our immune system, has been scientifically proven to possess potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
When applied to the skin, it gently eliminates harmful bacteria while soothing irritation, redness, and swelling. 
Unlike traditional skin preparation methods that may cause dryness, tightness, or discomfort, HYPO21 offers a gentle and pleasant experience. It is carefully formulated to maintain the skin's delicate balance, leaving it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This non-irritating solution is suitable for all skin types, ensuring a seamless integration into any aesthetic treatment regimen. The benefits of HYPO21 extend beyond its remarkable efficacy. Its hypoallergenic nature makes it suitable for even the most sensitive skin, making it a go-to choice for both clients and professionals alike.By providing a clean and sanitized canvas, HYPO21 enhances the effectiveness of subsequent aesthetic procedures, allowing for optimal results and improved client satisfaction.

0191 466 1427

Watch the video below to learn why Helen and Rachel love HYPO21

DR HELEN_edited.jpg

Mrs Aggie Singh

Founder & CEO @ SILESIANA Clinic

With unwavering dedication, Aggie has built her career around empowering her clients and making them feel like radiant stars, under her expert care. She firmly believes that “Less is More,” championing the philosophy of minimalism for a truly breathtaking transformation. Aggie’s passion doesn’t stop there! She is an ardent advocate for skin gut health and the impact of diet on our skin’s glow. Her commitment to holistic wellness shines through in every aspect of her work, ensuring her clients achieve the ultimate skin perfection inside and out.

07473 777526

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