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Until recently, women accounted for 90% of all cosmetic surgeries and treatments; however, this is no longer the case. The amount of cosmetic operations performed on men has tripled since 1997. In fact, aesthetic injections in men have surged by 81% since 2010 and 254% since 2000 (WOW!). Last year, about 450,000 men got Botox or Dermal Filler injections, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the numbers are only increasing. This is encouraging because it indicates that the stigma associated with these operations is fading among men. Men are beginning to notice how happy their female counterparts are with the outcomes and wonder what these treatments can do for them! It's not just cosmetic operations that are becoming more popular. The current trend for men is to maintain their masculine features without changing their dynamic facial expressions. Men are looking for treatments to help them look less tired, more alert, and more youthful to help give them that competitive edge. Some of the most commonly requested treatments for men are tear troughs, a sharper jawline, and more prominent chin. In short, studies show that men are more focused on subtle rejuvenation treatments compared to volumising or plumping treatments and are often treated with an individualized approach because of this.

It isn’t only aesthetic procedures that are on the rise for men, overall men are starting to take more care when it comes to their skincare regime. According to Glamour Magazine men are becoming increasingly interested in skincare, and according to research by Kantar, men make up 31% of total toiletries sales and male skincare is seeing exceptionally strong growth, with sales up 16.5%.

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