I have had oily and spot prone skin for a number of years and have tried a vast number of different moisturisers and serums to reduce this, but no matter what I have tried the problem persists and I was plagued by several spots per week.
I have been using Hypo21 for 4 weeks and the improvement has been remarkable. My skin feels softer to touch, but the biggest improvement is how much better balanced my skin is. The oil content has reduced significantly on my face meaning that I have only had 1 spot in 4 weeks. The added benefit is that it is so straight forward to use. I use my normal face wash and then spray a fine most of 3-5 sprays on my face (3/4 times a day) and let it air dry which only takes about 10 seconds. It’s as simple as that. No complicated or time consuming regime required.

I love this stuff and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to try and review it!


Professor Brian Franks

“We were recently introduced to HYPO21 at our Training School and due to the product’s natural disinfecting properties we now use HYPO21 for before and after procedure care on our courses. On a personal note, I have always found that the general sanitizing gels, especially given the increased usage during the pandemic, have caused my hands to dry out and become sore, but HYPO21 is so kind to the skin I now use it for everyday use.”

Brian is a Visiting Professor, City of London Dental School for the MSC Programmes, University of Bolton.

He is the Programme Clinical Director & Co-Producer, MSc Specialist Practice of Clinical Aesthetics Non-Surgical Intervention, City of London Dental School/University of Bolton


He works as a Facial/Medical Aesthetics Practitioner in Central London and is Principal of the Level 7 Accredited Dr Brian Franks Facial/Medical Aesthetics Non-Surgical Interventions Training in Association with Wynyard Aesthetics Academy. He is also currently a member of the Medical Board of CCR (Clinical Cosmetic & Reconstructive) Expo.


Andrew Hansford

I have recently been introduced to HYPO21 and I now use if for all pre and post treatments, I also recommend it as a take home product to aid in the healing and maintenance of the skin.

HYPO21 is completely natural and works with our bodies own natural defences. Which help support our clients in and out of treatment.

HYPO21's technology is so effective due to being electrolyzed and anti-microbial that inactivates pathogens on the skin. Which gives me confidence when doing treatment. I use it personally, but also recommend it to all my participants during training to use in their own clinics and recommend them to sell as an aftercare product.

I even use it during the day, when out and about, especially in the sun after my SPF 50, its cooling, refreshing and helps support my skin throughout the day. Supporting the skin is an amazing thing, keep that barrier intact, maintain its moisture and keep the nasties out.

I cannot recommend HYPO21 enough.

Andrew is the Director of ACHaesthetics Training Academy and is an accomplished professional educator, treatment development specialist and writer of many educational programs, with over 20 years experience in the aesthetic industry in the UK & overseas.

Andrew has travelled the globe to gain experience and education and is a regular on television and in press globally as well as international pod casts and one to one treatment protocols for clinics around the world.

He has undertaken Ambassadorial roles in the past for some very high end product companies and is a regular at the beauty and aesthetic shows where he is asked by many companies and legislative groups to present on various subjects including; education, sales, many varied treatment protocols as well as many products, ingredients and their usage. He is extremely passionate about the industry and has written many training programs that have achieved full accreditation in relation to the government HEE report that relates to legislation within the industry.



My skin has never looked so good before.

I suffer from Acne and I was introduces to HYPO21 Spray recently and my skin has never been so calm before.

I would highly recommend this spray to anyone suffering from Acne and Oily skin.

This spray is now part of my skincare routine and I use it throughout the day to spray my face and my mask to avoid Mask-ne.

I love the fact that the spray is not sticky or has any fragrance or alcohol.

It's easy to use, compact and stylish.