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Andrew Hansford

I have recently been introduced to HYPO21 and I now use if for all pre and post treatments, I also recommend it as a take home product to aid in the healing and maintenance of the skin. HYPO21 is completely natural and works with our bodies own natural defences. Which help support our clients in and out of treatment.

HYPO21's technology is so effective due to being electrolyzed and anti-microbial that inactivates pathogens on the skin. Which gives me confidence when doing treatment. I use it personally, but also recommend it to all my participants during training to use in their own clinics and recommend them to sell as an aftercare product. I even use it during the day, when out and about, especially in the sun after my SPF 50, its cooling, refreshing and helps support my skin throughout the day. Supporting the skin is an amazing thing, keep that barrier intact, maintain its moisture and keep the nasties out.

I cannot recommend HYPO21 enough.

Andrew is the Director of ACHaesthetics Training Academy and is an accomplished professional educator, treatment development specialist and writer of many educational programs, with over 20 years experience in the aesthetic industry in the UK & overseas.

Andrew has travelled the globe to gain experience and education and is a regular on television and in press globally as well as international pod casts and one to one treatment protocols for clinics around the world.He has undertaken Ambassadorial roles in the past for some very high end product companies and is a regular at the beauty and aesthetic shows where he is asked by many companies and legislative groups to present on various subjects including; education, sales, many varied treatment protocols as well as many products, ingredients and their usage. He is extremely passionate about the industry and has written many training programs that have achieved full accreditation in relation to the government HEE report that relates to legislation within the industry.


Dr Barry Oulton

Hypo21 is a game changer in facial aesthetics and skin care. Having provided non-surgical aesthetic treatments for nearly 20 years, nothing before has compared to the results I have seen since switching to Hypo21.
I use it on all facial aesthetic patients pre and post procedure. I have also had most of my patients switching to Hypo21 as their cleanser of choice with incredible results on Rosacea, Acne, redness and general appearance of their skin.
I am so delighted with Hypo21, I wanted to join the team and be a part of helping thousands of people achieve healthier skin.

Dr Barry Oulton B.Ch.D DPDS MNLP  

Dr Barry Oulton owned Haslemere Dental Centre in Surrey for nearly 20 years, turning it into an award-winning practice with a reputation for outstanding customer service. In 2017, he founded  The Confident Dentist Academy, created to help dental professionals learn effective communication skills and selling with integrity so they can have more impact and make a bigger difference, both professionally and personally.The Confident Dentist Academy offers face-to-face training, online courses and one-to-one coaching to help dentists and their staff improve their interactions with patients, and make their experience in the dental chair as comfortable as possible.   
Barry obtained his BChD from Leeds in 1993 and his Diploma in Post-Graduate Dental Studies from Bristol in 2001.  He has a masters from Aesthetic Advantage in West Palm Beach Florida where he subsequently became a senior instructor, lecturing in both the UK and US. 



This stuff is the mutt’s nuts - the perfect sign-off to every skin care treatment from waxing to microneedling, and an at-home must-have. As the owner of a men’s grooming studio, I especially appreciate the fuss-free nature of its premise and packaging, which makes it both easy to retail and incorporate into pretty much any chap’s daily routine. Razor rash = soothed. Bacne = busted. Jock itch = jog on. This should be in every gent’s bathroom cabinet.

Axiom Bodyworks | Men’s Grooming & Wax Academy



My skin has never looked so good before.

I suffer from Acne and I was introduces to HYPO21 Spray recently and my skin has never been so calm before.

I would highly recommend this spray to anyone suffering from Acne and Oily skin.

This spray is now part of my skincare routine and I use it throughout the day to spray my face and my mask to avoid Mask-ne.

I love the fact that the spray is not sticky or has any fragrance or alcohol.

It's easy to use, compact and stylish.



I developed a skin condition on my face over 20 years ago which manifested itself as red patches on the cheeks and nose with some acne breakouts. I have always found it unsightly and embarrassing particularly when I see photographs of myself.  I originally believed that it was stress or diet related and over the years have made career and lifestyle changes as well as eliminating certain foods and drinks but none of this had any effect. I eventually visited my Doctor, who diagnosed rosacea and prescribed antibiotics, which had no impact, and then a hydrocortisone-based cream which dried my skin into a red rash. I subsequently tried numerous other skin creams that were recommended online through various forums and, though some achieved marginal short-term improvements, none of them eliminated the condition.

 After trying everything from prescribed drugs, skin creams, lifestyle and diet changes I finally accepted that I would just have to accept and live with the condition which is what I had been doing until I met Nikki from Hypo 21 at a trade show in November 2021. She obviously noticed the reddening on my face (how could she not?!) and gave me a sample of her Hypo 21 spray to try as she believed it would help improve my skin. Though I took the sample, I must admit to being very dubious having used a lot of different products and medications over many years', so I left it in a drawer for about a week but woke up one morning and my face looked particularly inflamed, so I applied the spray after my morning shower. I then sprayed my face with Hypo 21 on consecutive days and saw definite progress within 3 days so continued to apply it and by day 8 was incredibly happy with the improvement to the extent that I have continued to use it daily ever since. Within 3 weeks all redness had disappeared completely and, without telling anybody what I have been doing or prompting anyone, all of my friends, family and colleagues have commented on how clear my face looks. 

Hypo21 is the only product that has had any impact on my skin condition in 20 years' of trying and I would highly recommend it.   



I have had oily and spot prone skin for a number of years and have tried a vast number of different moisturisers and serums to reduce this, but no matter what I have tried the problem persists and I was plagued by several spots per week.
I have been using Hypo21 for 4 weeks and the improvement has been remarkable. My skin feels softer to touch, but the biggest improvement is how much better balanced my skin is. The oil content has reduced significantly on my face meaning that I have only had 1 spot in 4 weeks. The added benefit is that it is so straight forward to use. I use my normal face wash and then spray a fine most of 3-5 sprays on my face (3/4 times a day) and let it air dry which only takes about 10 seconds. It’s as simple as that. No complicated or time consuming regime required.
I love this stuff and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to try and review it!


Elements Beauty

“I've suffered with Eczema on my face for many years, usually caused by stress. It's very sore and itchy, and keeps me awake at night. Lisa recommend Hypo21 to me and I'm amazed by the results. It instantly soothed my skin and stopped the itching. Two days later it had virtually disappeared, I'm thrilled to have found something that works and so quickly.

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