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Simple Science:

HYPO21 is made of Pure HOCl. Pure HOCl is a Natural part of our internal defense system, produced by White Blood Cells. When produced outside the body, HOCl Works to fight infection and enhance healing.



Non-toxic, gentle and efficient. Safe to use on baby’s most sensitive parts. Apply with every nappy change or regularly on the affected area.



Stop skin irritants at the source. While creams simply cover up the problem, HYPO21 quickly removes rash-causing germs to promote healing. Effectively removes odour-causing bacteria and germs.


NO Harsh Chemicals, NO Sodium Hypochlorite, NO Phosphoric Acid NO Added Scents, NO Colouring


  • Hypoallergenic

  • None-toxic

  • Highly Effective

  • As Gentle As Water

  • None-Irritating


HYPO21 Nappy & Skin Care Spray goes to the root cause by removing bacteria, without irritation. No need to rub into the skin. Just spray and instantly soothe the skin and calms the irritation and inflammation down. HYPO21 Nappy & Baby Skin Spray supports against skin irritations, scalp & foot issues, sun sensitivities, redness, nappy rash, and itching.


Each of our products ARE REGISTERED WITH MHRA. 


MHRA Registration: HYPO21 has successfully passed all necessary tests and is now officially registered with the prestigious MHRA. This achievement solidifies our commitment to the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

European Recognition: In addition to MHRA, our products have also received recognition from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), marking our presence and compliance in the European market.

Medical Device Status: HYPO21 is now proudly recognised as a Medical Device by MHRA, making it the first-ever PURE HOCl skin spray to achieve this remarkable status.

CE Marking: Alongside its MHRA registration, HYPO21 carries the CE marking, signifying conformity with European Union regulations and standards.


Why MHRA Matters:


Consumer Safety: MHRA's oversight ensures that only safe and effective products reach consumers, providing peace of mind to those who use HYPO21.


Regulatory Compliance: Registration with MHRA demonstrates our commitment to complying with the strict regulatory standards set by this esteemed agency.


Product Efficacy: MHRA's recognition of HYPO21 as a Medical Device signifies its efficacy in promoting skin health and well-being.


What This Means for You:

With HYPO21 now registered as a Medical Device with MHRA, you can trust in the product's safety, quality, and effectiveness. This achievement reaffirms our dedication to providing you with skincare solutions that go above and beyond industry standards.


Directions For Use: Spritz HYPO21 Nappy & Baby Skin Spray on freshly cleaned skin and leave for 60 seconds or so. There's no need to rinse off. For best results, apply regularly daily on clean skin.


Pure Care For Your Baby's Skin


Baby Skin & Nappy Care

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